Friday, April 1, 2016

Recent Abstractions

18 x 19"; acrylic on paper; 2016
 I've unearthed some of the unresolved large scale paintings that I made in 2015; and I've been ripping them up and reworking them. It's exciting to rethink the organization of the composition at this stage in the process because the paintings already have an established color scheme. The collection of colors in each painting evolves organically. And when I return to this scheme after a year has elapsed, I can look at it anew and see different possibilities for its resolution. This piece was shifted from its dominant dark green to a fresh clean cotton-candyesque pink. That juxtaposition of the new bright color on top of a muddier olive felt playful and allowed me to experiment further with the structure of the composition.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Color Matters at the Painting Center

The wall with my four works included in the show.

  "Color Matters" closed on Saturday, January 30. I was able to attend the opening reception in early January and was impressed by the number of people in attendance and the collection of work on display. I thought I'd take a moment to post some photos of the reception and include a link to a review of the exhibition published in Sharon Butler's blog, Two Coats of Paint. Thank you to the Center and the curators, Jack McWhorter, Al Peters, and James Patrick Reid for including my work in the show. It was an honor to participate.

Work by painter Ophir Agassi
A great shot of Becky Yazdan's work

Curator, Jack McWhorter, and painter, Cecily Kahn

Install shot

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Work

Currently untitled, acrylic on panel, 10 x 9", 2015

 I am beginning to photograph my latest body of paintings. It's one of those studio moments when I wish I had an army of helpers at my disposal, not least because they'd probably take better images of my work than I do. This fall I began a series of small format paintings. The summer pulled me out of the studio and into the garden, and I needed to find a way back to working regularly so, I started small. As ever, my teaching schedule influenced my thinking in the  studio; and with three sections of Composition last semester I found myself desperately desiring to work non-objectively. I just wanted to think about shape, placement, and color.

  There are over 20 paintings at this point, and just when I think they have played themselves out and are over, I make another. Here's hoping I can get them photographed and posted online soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Color Matters at The Painting Center, NYC

Fisherman's Woman; acrylic on paper mounted on panel; 2014
 I had some exciting news recently. Work from my recent Fisherman's Woman series has been chosen for inclusion in a small group show at The Painting Center in New York City. The show seeks to generate diverse conversations about painting and the use of color.

"Color functions on many levels each with its own logic. It can be perceptual, realistic, theoretical, emotional or symbolic. This exhibition examines how color relationships function in the work of twelve artists in picture making."

 I am thrilled to be exhibiting at this venue. The Painting Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of painting in all its possibilities. Over the past twenty two years, the center has mounted over 200 exhibitions organized by guest curators.

  The show is scheduled to open this January. The reception will be Thursday, January 7 from 6 - 8 pm.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Earth and Sky at the Cotuit Center for the Arts

  The exhibition at the Cotuit Center for the Arts was a success. Thank you to those of you who were able to attend. The pairing of works between artist Mellissa Morris and myself resulted in a fascinating dialogue in form and color. A good number of people came out for the opening; and the artist talk allowed us to learn a little more about other exhibiting artists, Tim Merry and Michelle Law. I have included some of the best shots of the work.


Two of my drawings on the right and left paired with a painting by Mellissa Morris.
Beginning the night with a little discussion

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Earth and Sky, Cotuit Center for the Arts

Join me on Saturday, September 5th for an opening and artist lecture at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. I will be participating in a joint exhibit titled Earth and Sky with painter, Mellissa Morris.

The exhibit explores the romantic interlacing of edges along the horizon line. The work illustrates spiritual, metaphorical, and narrative spaces that give insight into the psyche and evoke emotional sensibilities.

Coupled with paintings and sculptures from Tim Merry and Michelle Law the night should be an exciting display of contemporary work.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

AS220 show closing and upcoming lecture

In the Air; installed at AS220

 This is the last week to view my current exhibition at AS220. Work from my recent series, Fisherman's Woman, is on display alongside artist Robyn Thomas at the Main Gallery located at 115 Empire St. in Providence, RI.

  I also want to invite you to a spotlight talk I am giving in conjunction with the current group exhibition at the Danforth Museum of Art. This year the museum is giving artists involved in their member's exhibitions a chance to discuss their work in an informal setting. I am scheduled to speak Wednesday, July 1 at 12:30. I'd love to see you there!