Saturday, September 9, 2017

Newest drawing

"Untitled", graphite, colored pencil, and gouache on paper, 4.5 x 6", 2017
I finally completed this piece last week bringing the total number of drawings in the series to seven. I am hoping to create enough for a small solo exhibition, but fortunately, they are selling as fast as I can finish them...So far they have all gone to forever homes in AZ. Perhaps it's a sign that I should be looking for a venue to show them in the southwest.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Fall exhibitions

"Rain Shower", 12 x 11", charcoal and mica powder on paper, 2014
On view in "Good Wonder" at ASU

This time of year has become like harvest time for me. The new ideas that I grew in the spring and summer are bearing fruit in the form of exhibitions. Tonight the Biennial opens at Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT. If you're in the area, it promises to be a strong showing of 60 artists working in diverse media.

In two weeks time, "Good Wonder" will open at ASU's Gallery 100 located in the university's Tempe campus.  Curated by ASU gallery director, Grant Vetter, the exhibit explores themes of mysticism, sensory and environmental phenomenon, spectacle, and the metaphysical. (All of which is kind of "my bag" as it were.)

This week I also packed up drawings and sent them to Boston for exhibition. A selection of work from my small format sketchbook drawings will be part of an installation at Liquid Art House located in the Back Bay. Another diminutive work, at 8 x 10", will be part of this year's Hallspace Drawing Project at Hallspace Gallery in Dorchester, MA. That show opens August 21 with a reception on September 2 from 3 to 6 pm.

If that's enough for you, the PrattMWP faculty show will be installed at the end of this month in the school's new-to-it gallery space at Fountain Elms. I anticipate showing some garden paintings. The show opens September 8 from 5 to 7. The opening is usually well attended and buzzing with the energy of the new year. Come join us!

"All You Can Ever Count on is the Rain" 4.5 x 6", graphite and gold leaf on paper, 2017

In other news, my newest series of work has gotten a mention by Ann Landi of Vasari21; and now I am busy framing pieces for collectors who have made purchases from the series. Keep your eyes open at TD Originals and ODV wines for one of the drawings. It should be framed and shipped in a month.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Five Points Biennial next Friday

"A Love Letter to my Garden"; mixed media on panel; 2016

My painting, A Love Letter to my Garden, will be on display in the Five Points Biennial in Torrington, CT. The space is a non-profit contemporary art gallery showcasing professional regional, national and international visual artists. Five Points has earned the reputation as one of Connecticut’s outstanding contemporary art venues.

One piece from 60 different artists was selected for the biennial exhibition. Of the 60 artists, 15 states are represented. Artist mediums range from painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, & video. The opening reception is Friday, August 4th from 6 to 8:30 pm. Come check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Open Studios

"Come Back Home", 6 x 5.5", graphite and colored pencil on paper
Lisa Young and I are hosting an Open Studio this Wednesday at our space in Pawtucket, RI. The event will be from 5 - 7 in the Mills building at 545 Pawtucket Ave. Follow the signs to Lisa's studio on the 3rd floor. Come join us and see what we've been up to this summer!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tulip drawings

"Number 4"; oil pastel on paper; 22 x 30"; 2017

"Number 2"; graphite and conte on paper; 22 x 30"; 2017

  On my way to the studio one morning I picked a pair of parrot tulips from the front yard and brought them with me. Unsure of what I would do with them, I let them hang around my studio for a few days. Their intoxicating colors and shapes suggested I try my hand drawing them with oil pastels. At the moment there are four completed drawings in the series - each with a pair of panels on a single sheet of creamy Strathmore paper.

  As the tulips age I am able to record how they change. The petals, no longer a tight bell shape, have opened and their ends are beginning to roll back upon themselves. The rich colors are fading and darkening in some spots. I am moving studios this weekend, and I am afraid my flowers won't be able to make the journey. The series may come prematurely to an end; but I am still hoping to finish one more pair of panels when I work today.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Recent paintings

"Milkweeds"; 25 x 25"; acrylic on paper mounted on panel; 2017

 I am finding more time for the studio now that the spring semester has concluded. I resolved the painting above and am still working on the one pictured below. The milkweed pods are much more literal in the piece below, and I am uncertain whether or not I will leave them as they are. Just  last week I reintroduced the background color over the group of two pods at the top leaving some areas of the underlying painting visible and scratching lines into the color while it was still workable. While it largely obliterated the forms, it also made them much more exciting.

"Untitled" work in progress; about 30 x 25 inches; acrylic on paper

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Current Project

"In the Red Recliner"' 5 x 5"; colored pencil in sketchbook
It has been a massive effort to carve out time to make work this year. So I devised a project that I felt I could keep with - small drawings of objects around my house. I am often squeezing these in after a long day of teaching or around the class preparation and grading that needs to get done. They take an hour or two, and they act as a break - a moment to simply record what I see before me.

My work is inevitably influenced by my teaching and this year I had a preponderance of students tell me that they felt at sea using acrylic paint. "Well, what are you comfortable with?" I would ask. And the response, on multiple occasions was "colored pencils". I am embarrassed to say, I had never really taken the media seriously. In fact, it wasn't until I opened a monograph of David Hockney drawings and saw his searingly articulate contours drawn in flashes of color that I thought of using it myself.

Soon after, I was perusing Jennifer Bartlett's drawing project, In the Garden, and I was struck by her square format and her juxtaposition of two drawings. Bartlett's own project was born of limitations. She found herself in residency in France, when the unrelenting bad weather laid all her plans of working outside to waste.

It seemed fitting to borrow from both artists in my quest to sneak in some time to make art. You can view more of the project on my Instagram feed here.