Alluring in their surface, my paintings teeter between flat abstraction and illusionistic space. Heavy impasto is layered to create rich topographies which embody the processes of investigation and discovery. Energetic marks are carved into the paint as meaning and image are unearthed in tandem during the process of creation.

The title of the paintings comes from a song by Icelandic singer, Emiliana Torrini. Fisherman’s Woman tells the story of a wife who awaits the return of her husband, a commercial fisherman, away at sea for long periods of time. It is a beautiful metaphor for separation and loneliness in the context of an intimate relationship. Essentially, we are all the Fisherman’s Woman, for no matter how deep our companionship, we will forever remain two separate and distinct human beings.

These paintings address my own experience of individual identity in the context of marriage - an intense entanglement of two people. In the work, I uncover a personal symbology which is both whimsical and profound. Simple skiffs are presented in low relief; upended or floating through the format. Hearts rendered in bold fuchsias bleed onto the surrounding field of paint. The significance of these images is largely biographical, yet they retain a sense of universality in their simplicity.  The resultant works are psychological landscapes filled with images of boats, fish, hearts, cages, and vessels.