Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"A Love Letter to My Garden" at Gallery 65

Installation view; "A Love Letter to My Garden" at Gallery 65

 The year culminated in a small solo exhibition of paintings I created this summer, titled, "A Love Letter to My Garden". The work lovingly chronicles the flowers in the garden at my former home in Massachusetts. Admittedly, some of the work is more literal with accurately depicted plants, while other paintings were more playful riffing on color combinations and compositional possibilities inherent in the subject. They were a joy to make and helped me process the loss of our first home. I had worked for seven years to rehab the empty suburban landscape into an area that native wildlife could make use of. What began as a mono culture of Kentucky bluegrass devoid of any insect or animal activity was, in the end, filled with a myriad of visitors nesting, feeding, and eating around the house. In a way, the landscape had come back to life.

Installation view: "A Love Letter to My Garden" at Gallery 65

  I made the drive out to Massachusetts for the opening reception at the beginning of December. I was pleased with the installation and had a great weekend visiting with old friends. "A Love Letter to My Garden" is on view at Gallery 65 in New Bedford, MA through January 28th.Go check it out!
  View more work from the series here.

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