Friday, June 17, 2016

A Love Letter to my Garden

"A Love Letter to my Garden";19 x 18"; acrylic and glitter on paper

  Summer is typically a slow time for me in the studio. As the temperature increases, my space becomes a little too hot to enjoy working in; and often, the long winters create the desire to wile away my time in the garden - weeding, planting new beds, and watching the flowers grow. As you may know, this year we are moving from our home near Boston to upstate NY so that I can start a job as an Assistant Professor at PrattMWP. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love in a full time capacity; and at the same time, I am heartbroken to leave behind the garden I have spent the last seven years creating. The conflicting emotions have come together in a new series of paintings which I am enjoying immensely. View them here. They are exciting because they are playful and visually vibrant - at once a celebration of our time here and a commemoration of what we are now leaving behind.

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