Monday, October 27, 2014

Fisherman's Woman

Fisherman's Woman; 18 x 18"; acrylic on paper mounted on panel

  I more often find myself posting new work on my Twitter feed, @ClaudineMetrick. With my smartphone I can snap a picture while I'm working in my studio and with a few simple keystrokes it is uploaded. It's so easy. But the images aren't always the highest quality and this series is developing into something significant so I thought I would spend the afternoon shooting good images.
  I have posted this one. I'm not sure of the title of  this particular piece yet. The name "Dreamboat" is floating through my head, but I honestly think that name is better suited to another piece in the group. This image happened rather quickly today and I think there were some threads of the Squeak Carnwath exhibition I recently saw at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA. Her marks and surfaces, and somewhat inscrutable meanings allowed me to be more free in the studio today. Because really, who's watching?...

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