Monday, August 5, 2013

Carborundum Prints

Untitled; caborundum print; 11 x 20" (paper); 2013

  This summer I have been focused in the printmaking studio.  The successfully funded Kickstarter project has me creating a body of five etchings at AS220.  But I've also been playing around with a new technique I learned at Maud Morgan Arts, carborundum.  Here is a sample print from the series of carborundum works I've completed so far. 

  The plate is created by mixing the carborundum grit with adhesive and then applying it to a plexi plate.  While the adhesive is wet, the carborundum can be manipulated to create an image.  The resulting plate is then loaded with ink, wiped and printed much like an etching plate.  This process is much like painting and I find the transition between the two media easy and exciting.  Check back for a portfolio of the entire series to date!

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