Monday, July 30, 2012

Night Time

Night Time; 27 x 30; mixed media
  This is my newest piece and I am quite excited about it.  I have certainly never put the cloud and house into a space quite like this before.  I was online looking at the Saatchi Gallery website and I took a virtual tour of the gallery.  While "walking" through the museum I caught a quick glimpse of a very large black and white image of a darkened wooded area with a house in it.  This image of mine is derivative of that snippet of a peice I saw. 

  On another note, I can't believe how different the Saatchi Gallery is from the small space I remember visiting on Boundary Road ten years ago.  I hope to get back there sometime and see it in its new incarnation.  If you're interested, here is a short article from the Guardian detailing the history of the gallery's locations.

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