Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The other photos

I took this morning are horrific. So I'll leave you with only this one as a hint about what I'm working on in the studio. This is a mixed media piece, ink, graphite, white out, acrylic paint, and conte on cotton rag paper that I've stitched together. It is about 16 x 20". I'm focusing on these circles right now and letting the art be simply about arranging them in and moving them through space. It feels like there's a lot more meaning behind it when I'm engaged in the process of drawing, but I am limiting myself to issues of form and space so that I can better make decisions about what to draw and how.


Anonymous said...

bird DNA?

Sina bo bina said...

An instant, three thumbs up, uber-yes-yes fave! You had me at swirl. Sorry to have been so shush-shush lately. There's no reason for it. I've thought about emailing a few times. Clearly I didn't follow through. I enjoy peeking at your world though!

Mindy Bray said...

OOoooo....white out!