Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darwin's finches 48 x 24"

This painting is not going well. And the more I work on it I believe that I am fighting the underlying grid I set up with the repeating pattern of birds heads. I have brainstormed lately about the concepts that interest me and I've come to some ideas about science and metaphysics that I would like to explore. The current piece Darwin's finches uses diagrams of the heads of finches that Darwin discovered in the Galapagos which led the development of the idea of evolution and natural selection. Thus far I am awkwardly bridging the gap between thought and it's visual expression; but I am sure after some more time and experimentation I will hit upon a good visual articulation of this idea. The painting is also unfolding quickly which is resulting in some muddying of the color. I am considering putting this aside for a while and allowing it to fully dry before reworking the piece.

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