Friday, March 6, 2009

Panel no. 2; 4' x 2'

I am already well beyond what is pictured above. I have fully articulated the third bird pictured here as only a drawing. And I began working with doilies to build texture and weight at the bottom of the composition. This panel is much drier than Heal and I am not sure if I will keep or lose that aspect. So far it feels neat, perhaps pastel. There is text throughout the work. They are phrases from a radio show I listened to while working. The show talked about various imaginings of the afterlife. The particular snippets I chose struck me as very poetic; "brief twinkling", "recycling of souls", "when your name is spoken for the last time".

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Sina bo bina said...

"When your name is spoken for the last time..." Talk about poetry. Wow. I see a whole splintering of story, identity, searching. That's just beautiful.

Several things have come up this week in my world that deal with the visual & language arts merging. Thanks for being one of those things!