Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can I pay someone to name my paintings?...Really. It's a task in which I feel I come up short.

So here is an Untitled piece which I began working on again today. It was very simple, I set aside four hours for painting and wrote the schedule in my day planner. And what do you know? I stuck to it!

The consensus in the critique was that this piece functioned really well albeit without a focal point. Previously I had given up on it not knowing where to go. And while we sat in the studio talking about it I realized it raised the question of complete abstraction for me. The background texture and complexities are really what concerned me most in making this painting. The birds were including through force of habit. I think I found a happy resolution to that situation today by taking the dive and painting out two of the birds; and developing the problem bird in the bottom right of the composition. I think this allowed me to fully explore the intricacies of the abstraction while creating a focal point. I'll take a few days break so that the heavy paint can dry and see what I think.

See the last photo of this painting that I posted here. (It's a bad photo, sorry.)


Sean said...

UberFruhling. (two umlauts there i think)

Claudine said...

That's pretty good...