Friday, February 13, 2009

I really like the progress I am making with this drawing. Currently I am using a white out pen to build a trail of white circles throughout the image. The resulting marks seem like cobwebs, but more importantly they are giving structure to the composition and strengthening the drawing. I am toying with titles for this piece and would appreciate input. The first word I like is "nourish" and I think it is captured by the addition of the embossed golden circles at the bird's feet - like seeds. The second word I like is "vesper". I love anything related to the Catholic church all that creepy, mystical, ritual...But these are Vesper Sparrows as well which we have in the marshes around Massachusetts. Any votes?


Sina bo bina said...

I vote twice for "vesper" or something like it. I agree with the mystery around all that ritual. It lends a ghostliness to what would otherwise just bore and irritate me. I didn't get cobwebs from it, but maybe that's something that will grow on me.

Mindy Bray said...

I have a second vote for vesper. And, I seem to remember some drawings many years ago with white to see it back!!