Friday, September 26, 2008

Warbler revisit(s)

I attended my first critique yesterday with a group of painters I met who work at the Joy St. Studios in Somerville, MA. I toted along my first two Warbler Experiments as well as three of the larger bird panels I completed recently. I got a lot of good feedback concerning my compositions and approach. And last evening I couldn't wait to get back in the studio. The subjects of discussion for the two Warbler pieces were a lack of cohesive composition and a need to develop the third dimensionality of the pieces since I had opted to open that door by adhering pulses to the panels. I went beserk with this pieces and threw lots of stand oil and gold leaf on it. I don't have a photo of the smaller Warbler painting, but I took a drill to that and then added some brass screws to the composition.

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