Friday, September 26, 2008

All at once

I am working on quite a few pieces at the same time right now. Making small changes to them before moving on. Rather than post them all separately, here they are together. I developed the circular mark in the warbler drawing. The texture is begininng to read like birch bark. Today I began drawing from observation in the daisy drawing capturing a wilting bouquet of flowers we have in the house before they entirely fade. I also worked a long string of circular shapes through the composition to create a strong visual movement. According to the group at Joy St, the last panel needed some work to incorporate the disparate elements of the red blotch and the highly realized sparrow. They suggested adding a second bird, and I'm still not convinced. I am trying to work it out now with simple changes like extending the green maple leaves beyond the blotch and working on top of it with collaged leaves.

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