Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#3 blue warbler

I wasn't even sure I had posted an image of this panel yet. I am poking along. I adhered a strip of cheesecloth along the right hand side of the panel and really like the discreet kind of texture it creates. I am a little tired of the "food" thing, but decided to work with beans and pasta in this piece again. I had considered building a type of layered look with bits of newspaper instead, but I think I will play around with that idea before using it on a panel.


Sina bo bina said...


one of my fave flickr friends above, sunny b...i know this is not the same thing, and i know it will seem as though "print" is the only commonality. it isn't. but i'm a fan of seeing where your newsy idea might go.

Sina bo bina said...

crap and a half...
continuing onward then, that yellow...what is it called? i want to swim in it. especially those teensy puddles out on their own. i'm drawn to the doiling. great layered element.