Monday, September 8, 2008

#2 finished

I am simply waiting for the white paint to dry on this panel. I am finished working with it. The only decision still lingering in my mind is whether to seal the piece with a coating of resin. (I suppose if I keep coming back to the idea, I ought to try it at least once).

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Mindy Bray said...

I love the graphite contour line drawings on this and the other small panels!! It is hard to give an opinion on the resin concept without seeing their textures in person, but I suspect I may like the variety of surface textures, which would be wiped out in a pool of resin. Also, I took a look at your portfolio, and wow!! It is looking so strong and cohesive, and also so different from only a year ago. I hope you are planning to apply for that MFA again this winter...xxoo