Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post number 200! and Drawing Project #12 untitled

I typically like to post these drawings without any comments, but I have a few words about what is developing in the process of making them. I find that I am interested in experimenting with my drawings both large and small. The Drawing Project provides me a place to try something out on a 10 x 10" square piece of paper. If it works it is incorporated into the larger Botanical pieces I am creating. This way of working led me to use tea as a pigment, I drew with it, soaked the paper in it, wet string and laid it on the picture to dry. Then I began exploring with ink washes. My favourite outcome - soaking the leaves of the lavender plant in an ink was and then pressing them on the page in the top left corner.

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Sina bo bina said...

first, sorry i've been so lazy about blog visits.
second, this is beautiful (and my first click on your blog, so i'm guessing you should expect more comments)
third, i used tea on friday as a sort of wash on a classroom demo project.