Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fuller Craft Museum

There are so many wonderful things to write about. My paintings are going well and I have photos of progress on all of them ready to post, but later. First I want to tell you about an exciting trip I had yesterday to the Fuller Craft Museum - New England's foremost exhibition space for the genre of craft. (Think handmade objects, wearable art, and domestic craft gone wild.) Not only is the building and setting amazing - a twisting wood shingling house seemingly built upon a large pond littered with lily pads. (It was made all the more surreal by the fine mist falling off and on all day.) The museum itself actually housed a collection of very finely crafted and stunning exhibits which meandered much more closely to the category of "fine art" than the museum's title would have you think. My favourites are pictured here, and here.

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Sina bo bina said...

Alright, that Wendy Wahl piece (project?) is inspiringly wonderific! What fun adventures you are having!