Friday, August 1, 2008

Birch panel #3

All this work happened yesterday. Previously the panel had a very graphic green and red background, but it wasn't getting me anywhere; for a lot of reasons. Yesterday Carianne visited my studio and the process of talking about and sharing my paintings from the last three months clarified a lot of issues for me. The best word or phrases that came out of yesterday are "collage sensibility" and "language". The recent works are a bit of a hodge podge of visual styles and painting techniques and it made Carianne think of the way collages look. For me the impetus to work this way lies in visual language. I have always been interested in diversifying and exploring the ways in which I can create an image. Whether it be stitching, using photographic processes, stenciling an image, creating multiple copies of an image and adhering them to the work, or simply painting the image - with either a hyper realistic or a more painterly sense. I can't identify what is behind this investigation. But I see it with each project appearing almost like a formula in each painting.

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Sina bo bina said...

"Visual language"
This is quite a concept, one which I'll be musing over for awhile. And I think it's similar to what I was getting at with my query on visual poetry awhile back, that intersection where the abstract and the literal form a new fabric, a new context for expression.