Friday, August 29, 2008

#2 warbler con frijoles negros

Here's an update of the 10" x 10" warbler panel. I will probably solve this in much the same way I did the first warbler panel - a graphite line drawing. Currently I am thinking it will be either an all over botanical pattern or simply a row of repeating botanical imagery. I am toying with the idea of gold leaf in the circle around the warbler, but am still undecided. Tomorrow I plan to visit the art store and purchase a few more panels to continue working on this series. But I am hoping I can open up my thinking about them and take a few more risks.

I have also begun a rather large pen and ink drawing, 22" x 60" - two sheets of watercolor paper end to end. I hardly have space in the studio for this let alone a way to photograph it. I've tried a few options, but once I figure that out I will post an image.

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