Thursday, July 10, 2008

travail d'oeuf 12" x 16"

I visited the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham yesterday. It is a small contemporary collection housed in an old high school. They are currently showing work from their members and I was struck by a gorgeous oil painting. I can't think of the artist at the moment, but the work was unctuous, fanciful, botanical; and peppered with copulating insects. Oh, yes it was...

There were also quite a few works on paper; and since money is short, and I had to throw down for some new paint recently I dug out the trustry heavyweight Strathmore and applied some gesso.

The current work is in acrylic and I am perhaps planning to work over top the background with oils - only to insert an avian subject I think. But we shall see. Right now it feels like a departure from the current work, but I am running into a few walls there so depart I must!

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littlemithi said...

Hey there miss.. thanks for that link; have already been following her work for about two years ;) London-based ... maybe one day will get to meet her ...