Monday, July 7, 2008

Hydrangea 12" x 24"

I began this last week while Jane was sleeping in one morning. We had walked home the day before and I cut a hydrangea off a bush in front of a neighboring building. Real classy, I know. But when I sat down and began laying on paint I remembered the plant in the vase in the room next door. Here is the resulting painting. It may or may not be finished. The image below is an updated image of the painting after a second session of work. I scratched back into the oil paint and was able to make some tiny botanical drawings on the right side of the compostion. Check it out.


Mindy Bray said...

Wow! So lovely. These paintings are starting to look effortless.

Sina bo bina said...

i like the sense of depth here, and the placement of the hydrangea. this seems very different from your recent work/co-work. i don't know how, but i will figure it out.