Monday, June 16, 2008

Polaroid flowers 22" x 30"

It was time to get to work in the studio today, and I didn't feel as if I knew where to go with the Rose Garden painting. So I grabbed my polaroid camera and took a quick walk round the block and finished out the film snapping flowers in people's gardens. I began sketching one of the photos on a gessoed canvas then it dawned on me that what interested me about the photo was the multitude of overlapping textures. So I put away the canvas and pulled out a piece of watercolor paper and my india ink. The resulting drawing is still in it's early stages. I am hoping to work up some very dense darks and textures. Unlike recently past drawing projects I think I will see this through to its resolution.


Sina bo bina said...

I understand perhaps not YOUR reason for needing to finish projects, but an artist's reasons, at the very least. But I think too that the unfinishedness has its own qualities, its own importance. I try not to get terribly caught up in the shoulds where my creative pursuits are concerned. Maybe you should try that, too.

Yes, I see the irony.

Claudine said...

Yes, yes yes. Someone once said the unfinished projects are just as valuable as the finished ones. And I believe that...I have to believe that or I would cry myself to sleep at night ;) I don't mean to come across as someone who is flogging herself to work work work. It's more that I can tell this piece has the potential to yield some good discoveries if I stay with it and see where it takes me. Hence the desire to "finish". On some level I do want the finished piece with which to build a body of work but I also know I will come upon something if I work longer with these ideas.