Thursday, June 12, 2008

Minot rose garden 20" x 20"

I started a new painting today. There is a call for entries at the Arts Center where I volunteer on Tuesdays. They are looking for works that are inspired by a local public rose garden. I visited the space yesterday to photograph the flowers. Today I got to work on a small linen canvas I just stretched at the start of the week. I purchased the linen down the street and it is beautiful. It has such a nice silky, fine, weave; I really think I am going to like working on it.

I photographed the new painting, but as is often the case, the photo that was in focus wasn't quite the right exposure. It is included below in all it's darkish glory. The second image is the same jpeg that I altered in Photoshop. I still haven't mastered the art of color correction with that program. The alterations I did make allow the painting to be more easily viewed online but do not provide an accurate representation of the piece.

I also worked back into and finished the "elm" painting - for which I still don't have a satisfactory title. Any suggestions? I posted the final picture of it under my portfolio links to the right. Don't expect vast changes. I only tinkered with the red border I was articulating around the iris.

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