Monday, June 30, 2008

It has happened...12" x 16"

Well, how's this for a change in direction?

I visited a friend's studio and had the pleasure of viewing her newest work - big juicy oil paintings! They were fabulous. And while I was there, I was struck with the desire to return to oils in my own studio.

Here it is. I don't know where this will lead. Will I incorporate my acrylic vocabulary of painting into new work in oils? Is this an aberration? We shall see.

I sure had a lot of fun making it.


Anonymous said...

Claudine, where's your e-mail address? I've exhausted myself looking, and in a desperate act borne of frustration, I reported your blog content as "inappropriate." Please forgive me. Signed, your RBWH co-worker who's none too pleased at having been toiling in your ABSENCE.

Claudine said...

Surely this must be Kevin, although I must say the comment was a little cryptic. Here it is

Please refrain from saying RUDE things to me on this forum.