Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Venus' foot

I am not sure that this photo is in focus. Here is something I started today. We saw these flowers when we were hiking in Middlesex Fells this weekend. They are a type of wild orchid. I was pretty impressed by what Massachusetts can put forth as a "wildflower". I have stitched into this canvas prior to stretching it. Firstly by closely following the outline of a mockingbird in the lower right hand corner. Don't worry, you can't see it. I can't even notice it when I am working on the painting in the studio. Secondly I attached two canvas hummingbird cut outs. Now that I am painting, I am ignoring the sewing; but I don't know if that will work in the end. I drew the images and worked out the composition taking the position of the appliques into account. But I think unless I really build up the paint and acheive a certain thickness the attached fabric will continue to read as a distraciton.

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