Monday, May 5, 2008

A better photo

I spent a little more time with this piece today, and I took a better photo of it as well. I was using the auto focus on my camera lens, but it didn't quite seem to do the trick in the last entry. I apologize for the glare that is reading on the right hand side of the painting, but most of the surface was wet when I snapped the photo; and it is hard to reduce that shine and still have enough light for a good exposure.

I think there is a nice sense of light developing in this piece as the background becomes more uniformly dark and has time to dry. I can then work overtop into the foliage and get the colors to pop. I still don't know where this is going; and it may perhaps be becoming too "precious"; but I am enjoying it nonetheless.

1 comment:

littlemithi said...

I always worry about becoming too precious about my work ...

Don't worry too much about it .... its coming together nicely ;)