Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nest prints

Here is part of my "nest" ruminations. I purchased a Bible and what seems to be a Chinese Hymnal several months ago at a Goodwill in Phoenix. The paper is very thin, translucent almost and the text is delicate enough to read as an overall value in the background. I took the books to Kinko's and had the spines cut off - I felt really bad doing that to the Bible...But I did it anyway. And yesterday I started cutting this nest into a small linoblock I had laying around in the studio. It was all very impulsive. I stopped cutting and printed a proof, but I was so surprised by how well it looked I didn't bother revising the cut block at all instead I began printing my edition of 25. Yea! I love them. Please forgive the magnet included in the image of the print. They were still hanging up to dry when I photographed them.
BTW if anyone knows someone who can read Chinese characters I am very interested in learning what is written on the pages on which I printed. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what Kanji is but when you said Chinese I thought of Cory, Tyler's cousin, who spent lots of time studying Chinese at one point. Let me know if you want his email address, I don't want to post it on here. You do such creative things!!

Sina bo bina said...

So this edition of 25...what happens to it? Do you open up an Etsy shop and make your wares available to the crafty generation?

You say nest and I believe you...also, though, I'm seeing web. As in spider, with a caught lunch, suspended between two tall trees, dappled in shade and vulnerable slightly.