Friday, April 25, 2008


How tedious, right? Everytime you log onto this blog, all six of you, there is yet another picture of this painting in which very little has happened. It's like my magnum opus that never sees resolution. It's true, I am moving at a snails pace with this piece, but it has a lot to do with the packing, moving, and job searching I am tackling as of late.

Yesterday when I sat down I was able to see it with a fresh set of eyes, and I feel I am making progress now in a different way. The original idea I had of the painting had become irrelevant, and I was able to reframe it and make some choices that were outside the original concept. I can see a way through the piece now and ultimately to its ending.


littlemithi said...

One of your 6 BIG FANS is glad to see that you're making headway on your great masterpiece ... and also that so much play is happening with life classes, tintypes, prints, etc ... looks like you're relaxing into your new city and just enjoying producing work without thinking too much about it :)

Lovely to see your playful side again, Claudine (reminds me of the London swinging days ...)

Sina bo bina said...

That evolution comes across to the spectators and if it's not apparent to us, to me, now then it will be once you've finished it. And I've always felt that art (and in particular writing) is a collaborative effort, even if days or centuries separate artist and other. There's a dialog that exists, even if in the mind of one or the other. What you're experiencing as a lack of progress is something that most of us don't get to glimpse in most artists--you're putting the process out there and letting us participate, all six of us.

Mindy Bray said...

This is starting to feel like a real, breathing space now (I think the addition of the ground, or creek (?) to the left has helped this, as well as covering all of the red, which was popping forward). I like the sort of overall-ness of it. Like the painting of Memphis, there is a sense of there being multiple small narratives, with many participants that dance around the canvas. Sort of like Hieronymous Bosch, but less, uh, apocalyptic. Happy painting!!