Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finger knitted nests

I have a really hard time formatting posts in blogger. I suppose I am asking it to do more than it is able, but the tintype post looks presentable so rather than endangering that I will post my other few photos and ideas here.

Above is a photo of a hanging nest that I began finger knitting. I am not sure I should even use this I using it correctly? Let's just say that I made this with yarn in a knitting like fashion without needles. I am thinking a lot about nests lately, and this is a solution for visually expressing the Nest. We shall see.

Below is a step in the development of the stitching idea. Sewing objects on canvas is very slow going. I want to produce my pieces more quickly than sewing will allow me to do. So I thought about stiching on images of birds drawn and cut out of other pieces of canvas. We'll also see about this as well.

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