Sunday, April 6, 2008

Don't worry...

I am here. And I am even making art - amongst looking for a new job, and registering cars, and figuring out the T. I am here. I am making a painting. You've seen it, and I am sorry to condemn anything but I have a sneaking suspicion it belongs to that school of bad paintings. That's okay though. I think I have a job, which means that this week before I start work will be dedicated to working in the studio - and eradicating the bad painting. I shouldn't say too much. I have had some serendipitous art experiences lately. Last Friday I attended a drop-in life drawing session in Brookline where I got some time with a model and exercised those observation skills. Phew. I can tell I'm out of practice. Perhaps I'll get around to posting some of those images.

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