Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A very young painting I began this only a few days ago after my first visit to our local Pearl Paint store. As we traveled across the country I was struck by the presence of birds in wintery climes. This image reminds me of the cardinals that had remained behind in Ohio's Amish counties.


Sina bo bina said...

Yay, you're back (east)! Lately I've had a thing for birds. Don't know why. But they're everywhere. (this morning I communed with a roadrunner who was 5 feet to my left...)

littlemithi said...

Yay ... its so nice to have you back Claudine! I'm starting proper taught life drawing/painting sessions in April, and will be looking forward to your critiques ;)

Hope the move went well, its good you've started painting again (and cardinals too! Some of my FAVOURITE birds).

Sewing drawing - I looked through the box of bits that came with my sewing machine, and found that it came with a 'darning plate' which lifts the plate off the feed dogs. I haven't invested in a darning foot, but have got some embroidery hoops, so hope that will work OK. Have just started easter break so will hopefully actually have some time to experiment now!