Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Patron Saint of Mothers

Here is the painting of Memphis after the photos were stitched together by a computer program. The bottom left hand corner in the foreground may appear strange. Through an oversight in my photographs the corner was empty after the autostitch was performed. So I tried my best to photoshop some virtual paint into the area. This is a fairly close representation of what it actually looks like. I haven't really taken any liberties. I have already put a lot more work into this piece - steadily painting stalks of sunflowers until my eyes cross. I'll post an updated photo in a few days. Meanwhile the list of colleges for application has been finalized - Rhode Island School of Design, Mass Art, Temple University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Washington, and Arizona State University. Now begins the arduous process of checking boxes and collecting the neccessary forms.


Sina bo bina said...

How cool are you? Uber!

Anonymous said...

what kind of boid is dat?

le monster du cookie