Saturday, November 3, 2007

A better photo

This painting is so large that is impossible to snap a photo of the entire composition in my piddly little studio. But most of the work I am doing is on the right hand side of the canvas at the moment so here is a good photo of that. (It's actually a little out of focus...sorry.)


Barbara said...

I'm loving watching this evolve! The color is so regal looking.

Dixie Bihrer said...

You are very talented Claudine! I am very impressed with your art. Dixie

littlemithi said...

hello miss! Wish I was brave enough to do large work like you ... it seems to be coming along nicely ...

By the way, thanks for the advice. Squinting is exactly what I've been doing - unfortunately our life studio is a bit too well lit for my liking and I find it difficult to see differences in tone. It all looks the same colour to me! Also, those were all 15 minute poses. I took so long to do the drawing, that most of the shading just didn't have time to happen. I AM working on my speed though ;)

And feel free to give advice anytime - I can use all the help I can get!

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Yes, the red is a good color. Has M's appearance changed that much over the years? It's been a long time.

cookie monster