Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

I am working on everything right now trying to tie up loose ends before beginnings more projects. The self portrait is really coming together. I worked into the cacti on the right hand side of the canvas and back into my shirt. It won't be long now for this one I think.

I have worked on the second panel of this piece as well, but the photo turned out blurry. I'll post it at a later date. I envision this piece as part of a larger wooden frame that maybe has hinged doors; but I think for the sake of the portfolio I will end for the time being by cradling the plywood. The advanced carpentry will have to happen at a later date.

Above is a quick snap of another linocut I am beginning for the portfolio - a grackle. I haven't worked out the composition entirely (even though I have begun cutting). Below is another linocut I will include. I have been working tirelessly to get a good print from this block, but my efforts with the press have yielded nothing. My next attempt will be done by hand with a barren on rice paper. I am currently thinking I will make this a two color piece by printing a second image in the large expanse of space in the top left corner.

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Sina bo bina said...

I am fascinated by the bird-in-bird linocut!