Friday, August 3, 2007


It's a twofer today. I laid down the first bit of paint on the panel with the grackle on it. Yesterday I added the patterned box next to the apple blocking out the veins that used to be there. Hmmm....

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littlemithi said...

UUuuu... am loving this paintings on wood panel theme. Love it when the wood grain shows through :)

In answer to your gocco question, its not a 'pull-across' like normal screen printing, but a 'squeeze-down'. This means that you can make little barriers with strips of foam around particular colour sections and keep that colour separate from the colour next to it. As you squeeze, the barriers keep the paint from spreading any further. You can also do this on one-colour screens with a small design and keep your paint from spreading too much thus saving on paint. Does that make sense?