Monday, July 16, 2007

noli me tangere

Here is a detail of the apple/pigeon painting. I added goldleaf to the halo today. It's really beautiful stuff. The result is a saturated gold surface that I couldn't acheive with the gold acrylic paint I previously applied. I am wrapping up this piece, still contemplating working back into both the apples and the pigeon to make them more life like. On the other hand, I don't want to lose the freshness the images have right now. We'll see if I get around to a touch up.

On other fronts, I have determined how much work is needed to compile my grad school portfolio; and it is time to focus and churn out images. The thought kinda makes me cringe, but at times I work well when I have to be quicker with my decisions. I don't linger. I printed two small poplar panels with a linoleum pattern today using an oil based ink to avoid the running I encountered in the background of the above piece. I also began preparing a large square linen canvas. It is on my list to stretch it today and hopefully lay down a sketch on it next weekend.

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