Monday, June 18, 2007

Lino Mania

We went away this weekend to Monument Valley where I took this photo. Seeing the landscape for myself gave me a little insight into the painting I am working on right now.

Today, the first day back in town getting myself settled I opted to work on more linoleum cutting. The pattern of ellipses I cut today and intend to use as a background for a painting. The finches were cut the same day as the sparrows - also intended as background.

I printed the ellipses on a 2 foot square piece of wood that was languishing in my studio. The design didn't print very evenly as the wood is beginning to warp, but I think it is interesting nonetheless. Check back for more linoleum fascination.

1 comment:

Sina bo bina said...

I would love a wallful of the ellipses, it's playful and simple but in no way is it either simplistic nor monotonous.
Great framing on the landscape photo, adds a storyline or two.