Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bell Pepper 12" x 12"

I think I have found where the wallpaper fits into my work. (And maybe a new avenue for the still lifes as well.) I like the combination of observational painting: the pepper, and painting something that has more to do with design and illustration: the wallpaper. It is allowing me to determine a color scheme within the piece and break away from painting straight local color. When we were at the Barnes in Philadelphia I was struck by the colors in Van Gogh's work. Among all other painters he seemed to deliberately pick the colors in his painting rather than simply reproduce what may exist naturally in his subject. Perhaps I only noticed this because he consistently produced color arrangements that struck a chord with me. But seeing the work reminded me of my own fascination with color and I think I'll spend a little time exploring it in this way.


Cookie Monster said...

Me like pepper painting. Me not think Van Gogh's color selection as whimsical as might appear. Saw program on Arles last night. Colors were amazingly vivid like paintingz. Yum. Hmmmm. Mmmm.

Whoop Whoop Whoop
Cookie Monster

Nina said...

Van Gogh's work is quite inspirational; the colors he chose are very dramatic and seem quite deliberate. I saw some of his original pieces which were touring through Seattle 3 years ago, and was astounded at his brilliant use of color.
Red is especially dramatic!