Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Lemon Tree 18" x 18"

Well, I did it. I got outside of the studio, thank you Memphis. It was so amazing to simply walk into my backyard and set up the easel for painting. I melted under the hot sun, and became fatigued quickly. But something else happened too.

I was flooded by images that I wanted to record. Until today I hadn't realized how stale I had become painting within the same four walls all year. The only subjects I was working with needed to fit on my sewing table. It was fine for a while, but I am passed the frantic need to keep going. Now that I have more confidence I need to expand my subjects and take on new challenges. I need to be excited by what I am painting. I need to take a few risks. Landscapes are rich because they continually change, clouds drift by and light shifts dramatically. There is a lot of information to record as well, and during the time it will take for me to get it all down there will inevitably be even more changes to the subject. But I am ready to be a bit more liberal in my interpretation. I am willing to observe and paint what I know is there whether or not it has already long since passed by or altered. Below is the newest painting after the first hour of work.

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Sherri said...

landscapes are amazing. i find them so inspiring.

i've been taking lots and lots (translation: hundreds) of photos the last couple years. unlike everyone around me, i don't like the idea of framing any of them. they rarely seem good in frames to me (landscape photos). so the last two i blew up, i mounted on some good foam board and displayed them on shelves, rather than hanging on the wall. sooooo much more suited to the photos that way. i have been thinking, though, of mounting them on wood, in a sort of floated way.

all this is to say, i love that you're outside, and i love the long birch panels.