Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have had a busy week or so at work, but I have still found time to paint. The landscape is going well especially after a beautiful and cloudy day on Saturday. I reworked the sky which I like much more now, and I daresay, the piece is almost Finished. Also there has been time to track down a table saw, buy a sander, and finish or start a few wooden supports for painting. I worked with the table saw for the first time today and am a little frustrated by the results. It took some time to work up the nerve to turn the thing on and make a cut. But despite my immediate success (I still have ten fingers), I am a little discouraged by things the "borrowed" saw is missing - namely a fence to guide the wood along. The temporary fence I have rigged up is not perfect. So for now, I am pausing. I have also been feverishly photographing birds the past week; below are two that I took today. Tyler found the hummingbird on Saturday and brought it home for me to use in my artwork.

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Sherri said...

there are art just the way they are. i love these photos.