Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Moleskin

I broke down and bought one of those tragically expensive trendy little Moleskin sketch pads this week after visiting their website and finding some really nice examples of watercolor sketches. (Clever advertising worked.) It has solved a small problem of mine which is that my studio is located in my house. Thus, long days painting also mean long days in the house. Now I am able to be more mobile and I spent Tuesday painting pictures of lettuces at an organic farm. Watercolour is not really my forte and I am doing this for little more than play - diversionary art. But perhaps it will open me up and get me less focused on product and more on process. This morning I woke up and made a quick watercolour of the apples set up in my studio for my current oil painting. Here they are.
Here too is a link to the Moleskin website as well as Amanda Kavanagh's work. Click on the sketchbook icons in the left hand column of Amanda's website. It's really beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

Claudine- I am glad you pushed me to remember the moleskin book I bought ages ago at the PHX art Museum..Sold on its history of users I ended staking it with other cool things I get and "save" for the right moment...Auntie M.

Claudine said...

You should visit the Moleskin website that I linked to. It's neat. There are multiple entries of artwork people have made in their moleskins.