Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lemons 5" x 7"

Here is a photo of the lemon painting. This was taken after three one hour sessions working on the piece. The branch is beginning to die so the leaves are losing moisture and changing shape ever so slightly between each session. I have enjoyed the colors in the subject as well as working on something I love that I encounter each day - the lemon tree next door. The last oil painting of apples led me to working in this palette - highly saturated colors (fruit) on white plates. I love the contrast and the clean look. I purchased another sketchbook the other day, this one for pen and ink drawings. And I work in it when getting to the easel seems daunting. Check the blog for links to that book and my Moleskin soon.


Anonymous said...

Eager to see the lemon tree but the picture isn't comig through. I jyst see the little red x in a box.B-

Claudine said...

Thanks for the heads up. This should fix things.

Sina bo bina said...

That bulbous junction where stem meets's gorgeous. I know just how to pull that lemon so that it becomes mine, tartfully tastefully mine mine mine.

I'll share with you though!