Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Artickokes 11" x 36"

I started this piece today. I am working with graphite on a birch panel. It is a very long thin format which is how I most commonly worked six years ago, and it felt like a breath of fresh air to get back to it. It's such a strange size I know; but I really feel comfortable composing on long "canvases". I love it. Below is a picture of the piece in it's entirety so you can get a sense of the composition.

* Also we had a new addition to the family
that I am very excited about. I just
bought her today at an excellent price
in the shop round the corner.


Anonymous said...

"She" looks pretty stylish! She really needs a name. :)

Memphis said...

i LOVE your long paintings! they always made me feel like i was on a great road looking forward to watching this journey evolve :0) and now that i see your easel, i think she is Grand..don't give up on her!

Sina bo bina said...

I looove artichokes, they're my fave vegies! Yours look delicious and I can't wait to see the end result.

The birch is interesting...I was actually thinking about using some sort of "alternative" canvas with my students, let them figure out that there is no right way to be creative, that it doesn't take proper materials.

Thanks for including us with you on your journey!

B is right...she needs a name.

Claudine said...

Her name is Leisel (the easel).

Sherri said...

omigoodnes. leisel!!!?? that's just lovely. 8^)


Anonymous said...

I want one too! how much did you pay?

--R Kinkel