Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Annunciation

In the hopes of illiciting some opinions I am posting photos of The Annunciation, again. The colors have become more vibrant as the painting continues to be worked. I am wondering now if maybe I have collapsed the space because the hues in the background are too saturated or the surfaces aren't modelled enough on the rear cabinets, refrigerator, and stove. I added some red tulips to the foreground, a new and last minute addition that is still in progress. The purplish flowers are myrtle, but I am not happy with how they are turning out. I am working primarily with illustration in this painting - using images based on what they symbolize, constructing a scene in my head and executing it on the canvas rather than merely observing light and form. This is something that I never thought I could do; but I am happy with the results in this piece.


Sina bo bina said...

There is a certain glow to it. And I like the tulips. And the art-poster style of the signature.

Sure, sure, the real artists will scoff at my infantile offerings. Even moreso at this next question no doubt--so you put in symbols on purpose? Hmph. I suppose that's all a matter of faith (not the bibilical sort) and perspective.

Anonymous said...

I do like this one . . . though I can't quite say why. Let me ponder that bird for a bit. SM

larainerkaizer said...

I like this a lot!
I notice that the rag hanging off the stove is the brightest, do you want it to be, since it is a symbolic work, my eye focuses on that and I want to give it special significance.
Also, do you mean to have the tulip on the lower right hand corner fit perfectly into the square floor tile, it looks a little like it may have been smooshed to do so.
I love the darkness, the combination of times modern and biblical.