Thursday, September 7, 2006

Two more quick paintings

I should really be a bit more disciplined about the photos I take of my work. These are both pretty dark. But then I seem to be shooting things ineptly to get them on the site and going back later to either reshoot or edit the image. So keep checking back. I sneak updated images into old posts without ever mentioning it. (Bet you didn't notice I did that.)

Theses two paintings are small and in the same vein as the last two - get something down, do it in one sitting, it doesn't matter what, just how. And well, I think I loosened up and approached that juicy looking paint which is seemingly alive in its application and effortless in rendering the subject. Keep in mind I did say approaching...It's a flicker right there in the image of the garlic. The clove in the foreground happened first and happened quickly, and while it happened I was working out a new way of articulating what I was seeing. I was becoming a little more facile with my oil paint. (Quick, widen the doors! Her head is enlarging!) I will try and keep this in perspective. But it is refreshing. One more rusty painting bolt shaken loose!

(And I'm rediscovering my brown paints right now too.)


larainerkaizer said...

Ps. thanks for the link, I need to put a links page on my site too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudine, it is Laraine here,
I like this paint tube especially and the spoon is very beautiful! I have not tried to paint on such a small canvas, but you've got me tempted to try the same thing!

Dexter Santos said...

These are looking good! As my painting teacher used to say, "You are letting the paint be paint". I am keeping track of your progress and at the same time you're providing me with inspiration to paint once more. I have not painted in a year! :(

Take care,