Monday, September 4, 2006

Another 3" x 5" sketch

I sat down to another quick painting today rather than working on my long term pieces. This took about three hours and was pretty challenging because the oil paint remains so wet. (Maybe I really am an acrylic painter.) I still am looking to develop a relationship with light. I feel I am drawing rather than painting - deliniating the form and edges of an object instead of utilizing paint's unique ability to convey luminosity, shadow, and highlight. I sat down again after this piece and began another short small composition that seems to be closer to this idea of capturing light. We'll see.
The photo has been tinkered with in Photoshop simply because it was too dark, but again, I think the program makes the colors a little surreal.


Anonymous said...

I like this one. I'll be checking back to see what comes next. Scott M.

Claudine said...

Thanks for logging in and posting a comment Scott.

Sina bo bina said...

I really like what's going on with the spoon...the reflections "above" and below it.

I went to Duane's painting a day site and his strawberries really intrigued me. It's an interesting thing he has going on. Thanks for the recommend.

Merial said...

The painting a day idea makes me think of all the mini self-portraits a certain artist I know painted one summer. :) Also, I think of the morning pages. Just showing up for the process. Sometimes half the battle. Of course, I didn't show up to my own battle today. I know how difficult it can be. So, hurrah for process!

Anonymous said...

It was suggested that I leave a comment so you know I've been here rather than being the silent observer that I've been. Your magpie visiting the dinner table reminds me of a Monte Dolak. Ask Tyler if you haven't heard of him.