Friday, August 25, 2006

Magpie comes to Dinner

I was able to get some good work done over the last three days. I have made it to the hardware store (overcoming a mental block) to purchase some poplar wood. The paintings I am making now are fairly realistic - this last one especially. And I think that working on wood will provide a smoother surface for painting detail. A few days ago, I picked up my miter saw from my parent's home and I have used it to build the first support. The new format is small - only 12" x 8"; but I have some good ideas for it. Looks like I will be working primarily from photograph for this second painting. It solves a logistics problem for me. My studio is small and I am currently not able to set up another still life before finishing the previous painting. I am looking forward to getting two pieces going at once. Also I think this bird that has crept into the Dinner painting portends a body of work, which I will try out on the new wooden support. I'm very excited about all of it - the new direction and even the current state of the Dinner painting.


turnip said...

Wow! What a difference your dinner guest (the bird) made. It balances the painting, and hints at a story. I love the bird! PS I wasn't stereotyping your fruit, I was just sympathizing with fruit in general.

Claudine said...

I didn't think you were. I thought it was a great quote -very fitting for my current paintings. I never thought of produce as so evocative

Sina bo bina said...

I second turnip's "wow" and suggestion of story, not that I'll impose my story upon your art. The movement, breath, unpredictability that the bird brings with it moved this piece in an evolution that is truly joyful.

Sherri said...

i'm going to say i really just love the shape and colors of the bird. a "not-so-still" life

Dexter Santos said...

Hi, Claudine!
Sorry for not responding sooner. My summer has been quite eventful (but I'll tell you about it another time) and, as a resut, has kept me busy. I'm glad to see that you are getting in touch with your artistic side and have this blog so people can see your work. It makes me want to do the same. So far, most of my work has been in computer animation.

I like your work here. You are definitely heading in the right direction. If I may comment, from one artist to another, push those darker colors more to bring out your subjects. It will add contrast and dimensionality to your painting and keep it from looking flat.

I'm currently building my own portfolio website which I hope to have up and running by the end of September. Right now, there is no content but I've added the link below so you can check on it later. It's:

By the way, congratulations on your marriage! I hope you're doing well.