Wednesday, August 9, 2006


So I think I am going to go to Grad school. This would of course still be a long way off (a year and a half I am thinking); but the question, "What am I going to do 'Now?" may have an answer...My current job has dissolved (corporate problems); and I am having to forcibly make a move and a choice. What will I do now? And I don't want to give up painting. I like it. I like the part of myself that it has reintroduced me to. And that's okay I think.

I can remember being in undergraduate meeting students who were pursuing their own graduate degrees at the age of thirty. And I had the thought then that I would do it that way as well. I felt like I needed to experience a little more of what was in the world before I could know with any certainty what type of art I should make, or what I could tell a class full of students what to make themselves. Six years since finishing the work on my bachelor's I think it might be time to get back into the art world in the way that academia would allow me to do.

Do I want to over-analyze my art? To think that hard and long about creating? To try to explain how my creative impulses relate to specific artistic movements contemporary and historical? No. That's what I hated about art school. But maybe now I have more of a sense of self that could allow me to accept and reject the things I need in my learning. Maybe now I won't be so detrimentally impressionable...

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