Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Work in progress

The studio smells faintly of strawberries right now. I am posting a picture that I am still working on (a first). I have taken some digital photos of the strawberries as I do not expect them to last, and am going to try to complete the painting from photograph - something I have been prejudiced against since art school. I think one of my professors said, "There isn't enough information in a photograph to paint from..." Perhaps he was right in some cases. I've seen artists render objects that don't convince me. Did the artist really see that? They haven't put down enough details to tell me what it looks like - usually because they are working from a photo that didn't contain the information in the first place. But I have also found that working strictly from observation is equally limiting. There are time and logistical constraints surrounding your subject matter. "Will it rot?...Will it look the same tomorrow?...If I can't recreate it in the studio, how do I paint it?" I get hung up on these things. Thanks to everyone who has visited this site and especially those who have responded with comments or emails. The support keeps me going.

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